A personal home is the first asset an individual starts working for, and it is a lifelong dream that needs proper execution. However, if you have decided on getting a home for yourself, you must carefully plan everything and consider every aspect before diving into this. There are two immediate pressing matters; the first is a suitable property, and the second is an unavoidable home loan.

However, qualifying for a home loan is another story. You must prepare yourself to be evaluated by the loaners. They have specific parameters on the basis of which an application is accepted or rejected. One of them includes your repayment ability, which is most important. The assessment is done after a thorough background check of your earnings, current living expenses, savings,
history, profile, etc. Let’s check out these points to increase your chances of acceptance.

5 Points to Ponder Before Applying For a Home Loan

This blog has discussed 5 essential pointers to focus on before you apply for a home loan.

Checking Your Credit score

A credit score is the building block of the home loan application process. This number is dependent on the consistent record for paying your dues, such as EMIs and credit cards. The credit information report, abbreviated as (CIR), has your credit score. It is the credit history of your loans from different institutions like any bank or Housing Finance Companies (HFCs) or NBFCs (Non-Banking Financial companies).

The bureau maintains your records and releases this information to the banks or lenders whenever an inquiry starts. The higher your credit score, the higher the chances of loan sanction. Make sure you check your credit score at least 6 or preferably 12 months before planning to buy a home.

Budget, down payment, and EMI

Consider your budget for setting off to buy a house, how much money you should consider for a down payment, and the amount of a home loan is a requirement. Usually, you may get 80% of the property’s value in the form of a loan if the income is sufficient.

Select the EMI range you are comfortable paying. There is a facility of EMI calculators to play with various options. In case your income is insufficient, add your parents or spouse as a co-borrower.

Documents for Home Loan

Having adequate knowledge about the documents is necessary before directly applying for a loan. Here is a document list you must have beforehand.

Go For the Right Banks or Lenders

Do not go for multiple lenders simultaneously, as too many credit inquiry requests negatively impact your credit score. However, that does not mean that you stick to one and not explore your options. Here is a tip, go for banks that have a history of approving home loans. Understand their criteria and adjust yourself accordingly.

Repayment Tenure

The repayment tenure is the time taken to pay off the entire approved amount. Your earnings and savings will help determine the time taken. EMI and tenure are interrelated to each other; the lesser EMI you opt for more will be the repayment time and vice versa.


We hope that these points will help you prepare for a loan application. If you are looking for options, Red door Funding might be of help. Call today at 832 539 7099 for help.

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