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How a Real Estate Rehab Loan Can Work for You

Sep 24, 2018

A real estate rehab loan can be beneficial to both the borrower and the lender. Borrowers can get the money they need to buy and renovate a property for resale or to keep as a rental property. Lenders realize a much better return on their investment (ROI) than does a traditional banking institution. Using a […]

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Are Hard Money Lenders Regulated?

Sep 14, 2018

In Texas, regulation and licensing of hard money lenders are accomplished through the Office of Consumer Credit Commission (OCCC) authorized under Chapter 342, TX Finance Code, as are all consumer loans that bear an interest rate higher than ten percent. Additional rules are in Chapter 7 of the TX Administrative Code. Who Are Hard Money […]

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How to Find a Compatible Private Money Lender

Aug 24, 2018

Finding a private money lender that is compatible with you and your needs is as important as the investment itself. Paying too much or for too long a term could cut into your profit margin and turn a good investment into a “money pit.” The amount you borrow and the terms of the loan should […]

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The Positive Aspects of a Loan With No Credit Check

Aug 15, 2018

If you are considering taking out a loan with no credit check, you are probably wondering whether the pros will outweigh any cons. It’s an understandable dilemma for many people, as there is a repayment commitment involved. The good news is there are a number of positive aspects to a loan with no credit check, […]

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Commercial Hard Money Lenders: Making Fast Deals Possible

Jul 24, 2018

The acquisition of commercial properties by private investors usually requires a great deal of money. Likewise, many investors need the assistance of commercial hard money lenders to get the cash to move on a commercial property before a large corporation with ready cash can swoop in and steal the deal. What You Need to Know […]

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Opportunities Abound for Residential Hard Money Lenders

Jul 16, 2018

Residential hard money lenders are seeing an increase in opportunities to buy, remodel and resell or rent depressed properties around the Houston area. With the economy improving, albeit slowly, many homeowners are looking to get out of depressed or damaged homes they cannot afford to renovate on their own. This is creating many opportunities for […]

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Investor Loans Made Simple

Jun 13, 2018

Hard money or investor loans are real estate loans that many contractors use to get money to finance the purchase and/or renovation of depressed properties to resell or get a long-term mortgage at the renovated value. Unlike traditional loans from banking institutions or other lenders, these loans, provided by private groups or individuals are almost […]

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Why Real Estate Investors Use Short Term Loans

Apr 16, 2018

Real Estate Investors Real estate investors are involved in multiple markets where they are not expected to remain in the property. Typically, examples include people who buy properties to repair and resell, or landlords renting to individuals or families. Whatever the case, the real estate investor sees the potential for sale or rent on a […]

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4 Types of Real Estate Investor Financing

Mar 29, 2018

When you need real estate investor financing, there are basically four types. Although some would argue there are other types, those are customarily just derivatives of these four; traditional lenders, equity partners, portfolio lenders, or hard money lenders. We will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each. #1 – Traditional Lenders for Real Estate Investor […]

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