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Investor Rehab Loan: AKA Fix and Flip Loan

Jun 11, 2017

An investor rehab loan sometimes called a fix and flip loan is used by both short-term and long-term investors. Short-term investors are who give the loan its slang name because they are often looking for properties to repair and resell for profit. They have no intention of holding onto the property any longer than necessary. […]

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Hard Money Lenders for Business

May 19, 2017

If you have a dream you are trying to launch but can’t get a traditional bank loan, you can turn to hard money lenders. Simply put, a hard money lender is a person or company that has money to lend.  It could be a friend, neighbor, colleague or associate. There are even lending companies that […]

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Private Money Investors for Real Estate Enable a Quick Turn-around

May 9, 2017

What is a Private Money Investor for Real Estate? It’s anyone! A friend or family member, colleague or neighbor, and there are companies who specialize in short-term loans. Basically, it’s an individual or entity providing a loan to help fund your real estate investment. It benefits you, as there aren’t usually qualifications or hoops to […]

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Are Private Investor Home Loans Kosher?

Apr 19, 2017

The answer to the question, “Are private home loans kosher?” is yes. There is a whole industry of people out there using private home loans to get earnest money and renovation funding to complete real estate transactions. Many spend days, weeks or even months finding the right property to buy, renovate and resell; and then, […]

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4 Advantages to Low Credit Personal Loans

Apr 10, 2017

Low credit personal loans are consistently becoming a fast-growing financial option for consumers. That is because they are easy, quick, and flexible to obtain compared to other types of loans. You also get a quick response regarding approval. If approved, the money automatically gets deposited into your account within a short time. Low credit personal […]

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Why Now is the Time to Get a Loan to Buy a House

Mar 19, 2017

According to The Street, mortgage rates are the lowest since 2013. Therefore, homeowners should take advantage of this opportunity to re-finance to lower monthly payments or do that renovation project they have dreamed of for years. Likewise, for those who have had their eye on a home, now is a perfect time to take out […]

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Real Estate Rehab Loans Make the Project Go Faster

Mar 10, 2017

So, you have started on a “flip” project, one you thought would be smooth as silk and make you a lot of money. But the plumber just called and told you the galvanized pipes in the house are filled with corrosion, causing low water pressure. Real estate rehab loans can make that project go faster […]

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