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4 Types of Real Estate Investor Financing

When you need real estate investor financing, there are basically four types. Although some would argue there are other types, those are customarily just derivatives of these four; traditional lenders, equity partners, portfolio lenders, or hard money lenders. We will...

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What Is My Harvey Flip Worth?

When you consider buying a Harveyflood-damaged home to remodel for yourself and your family, to resell or rent, there are some serious issues you need to look at before you buy.One of significant issue that can’t getrenovated, remodeled, or remediated is the stigma...

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Hard Lenders for Business: Not the Typical Loan

When you need money to start a business or project, but your credit scores are not high enough to secure a traditional business loan, hard lenders for business may be an alternative source of funding. Hard Lenders for BusinessLoans Hard lenders for businesscan provide...

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Residential Investors Rehab Loans Made Simple

There are two types of residential investors rehab loans: the private money rehab loan and the permanent mortgage rehab loan. The permanent mortgage rehab loan is offered by Fannie Mae and other loan institutions and has specific owner occupancy requirements. These...

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Private Investor Home Loans Can Be Beneficial to Both Parties

When it comes to private investor home loans, it’s obvious the person investing the money benefits from having their money work for them by collecting interest during the period of the loan. Even when the person who borrowed the money defaults on the loan, the...

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Private Money Lenders-Real Estate Investors Opportunities

The opportunities for private money lenders-real estate investors go hand in hand. Real estate investors often need cash to make the necessary renovations to properties before putting that property on the market, and private money lenders have that cash to lend for...

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Will Private Real Estate Financing Work For You?

It’s hard to imagine this is the final season of Fixer Upper, the wildly popular television series about Chip and Joanna’s adventures in fixing up old homes and reselling them for a profit. It’s easy to imagine how a TV show about fixing up old houses would be so...

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Understanding the Business Hard Money Lender Process

You and your partner have been searching Houston, TX, for a perfect fit investment property and you believe you have found one. The only problem is the bank says it is not in “living condition,” so they will not lend you the money you need to make it livable. Therefore, you will now need to look for a loan from another type of business. Hard money lenders look at the overall value of the completed project to determine the amount they will lend you and the terms of the loan.

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Private Financing for Real Estate: A Win-Win

Why Use Private Financing for Real Estate? Many people might wonder why anyone would use private financing for real estate, when banks and other financial institutions offer a much lower interest rate. The facts are that with private financing, you need not worry...

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Strategy Tips for Lenders for Real Estate Investors

"A bank is a place that will lend you money if you can prove that you don't need it." -- Bob Hope Private Money Lenders for Real Estate Investors What’s great about that joke, coined by Bob Hope decades ago, is how true it was then and still is today. Many would ask,...

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