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Rehab Lending Can Help You Flip That House

Rehab lending can be used to help purchase, renovate and resell or flip a property for profit. Rehab lending, or hard money lenders, provide investment money for “fix-and-flippers” and even some long-term investors who wish to repair and keep the property to rent. How...

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Considering a Loan to Buy a House? Try a Private Lender

Most private lenders lend money to real estate speculators who wish to buy a house, refurbish it, and then resell it, commonly known as “fix and flip,” however, that is not the only reason you should use a private lender for a loan to buy a house. Why Use a Private...

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Private Lenders for Home Loans: Win-Win

Who are these private lenders for home loans? Where can you find the money you need to purchase and refurbish a depressed property in the Houston area? Maybe you own a property already and need money for repairs. Private lenders for home loans are often referred to as...

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Need Quick Rehab Money for the Flip?

If you are living in or thinking about purchasing a property that could use some rehab before you flip it, you’re going to need the finances in place to complete the work. You are always working against the clock when flipping a property. Rehab money is a fast and...

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How a Real Estate Rehab Loan Can Work for You

A real estate rehab loan can be beneficial to both the borrower and the lender. Borrowers can get the money they need to buy and renovate a property for resale or to keep as a rental property. Lenders realize a much better return on their investment (ROI) than does a...

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Are Hard Money Lenders Regulated?

In Texas, regulation and licensing of hard money lenders are accomplished through the Office of Consumer Credit Commission (OCCC) authorized under Chapter 342, TX Finance Code, as are all consumer loans that bear an interest rate higher than ten percent. Additional...

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