Renovating a home’s bathrooms is a great way to boost property value. But what are buyers really looking for in a bathroom? With so many features available, choosing the right ones can be overwhelming. In this article, we will help you make the right choices for your bath remodel. The future homeowners will thank you!

A Damage-Free Space

Bathrooms are prone to water damage. While restoring damage might not be the most fun project, it is perhaps the most important thing to buyers. Have a trusted contractor look over your bathrooms to check for signs of water damage. Start here before moving onto more creative renovations.

Increased Storage Solutions

Good bathroom storage can be hard to come by. Plus, this is one of the most universally useful bathroom features. Who doesn’t want more storage? Adding shelves, closets, and cabinets to your home’s bathrooms will make the space more desirable.

Clean, Durable Finishes

Bathroom finishes don’t generally seem like a big issue. However, this small detail can make a big difference. Update faucets, handles, and other hardware to create a beautiful and functional space. This will also solve minor annoyances, such as creaky cabinet doors and dripping faucets. Buyers will love seeing high-quality hardware that is easy to clean.

A Cohesive Design

Lots of homeowners only update one part of their bathroom. This can lead to an awkward, uneven appearance. By updating the flooring, hardware, cabinetry, and other bathroom elements together, you will be creating a visually pleasing space. This could also be the “wow factor” that helps your buyer make their decision.

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There are so many creative ways to renovate a home. If you are fixing and flipping a property, then both functionality and home value will be important to your project. Sometimes, the best way to make a space desirable is to fix up the surrounding spaces. In this case, we are talking about the yard. Adding a metal building to the property can make your home more desirable. Below are the top 5 reasons why.

1- Make Use of a Large Property

There are so many things that you can do with a large property. Adding a warehouse, barn, detached garage, or other outbuilding will help buyers see the potential that the space has. Plus, buyers will love the fact that they won’t need to add these buildings themselves.

2- Add Storage Space

Storage space is a big issue with buyers, especially those looking at older properties. Adding a garage or other detached storage space to your property is a great solution. The additional storage space will make your renovated property more desirable to families.

3- Low Cost, Big Reward

Metal buildings tend to cost less than home renovations. This means you can save money while still getting the benefits of a more complex (and expensive) home project.

4- Go Eco-Friendly

Metal buildings are also great for the environment. Steel is one of the easiest materials to recycle, making it great for sustainable building. Plus, these structures are very durable, which means fewer repairs- and a smaller carbon footprint.

5- Perfect For Pest Control

Unlike wood, metal is not prone to termite damage. With a metal building, you won’t need to worry about invasive pests. Instead, use your space stress-free.

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Lots of buyers wonder if they should clear their land after purchasing property. Does clearing land increase property value? Are there other benefits to this process? The answer might surprise you. Below, we will explain the top reasons that people choose to clear their properties.

What is Land Clearing?

Land clearing is the process of removing vegetation (such as trees, shrubs, and other types of plants) from an area. Land clearing is usually used in wooded areas, but it can also be helpful for yards that have not been properly landscaped. Clearing land makes a person’s property safer, more attractive, and better suited for their lifestyle.

Does Clearing Land Increase Property Value?

Another great benefit of land clearing is that it can boost property value. Land is a very valuable asset, especially in high-growth areas. By clearing your land, you make your property accessible and therefore more valuable. Land clearing will also be attractive to sellers as it will save them an extra step when they landscape their new property.

Building on Cleared Property

If you want to boost your property value even more, then consider building on your cleared land. Fences, sheds, and landscaping projects will all be extra attractive to potential buyers. These features can add privacy and beauty for a relatively low cost. You can also use land clearing to make rural homes more accessible, run utility lines, or improve drainage. These extra features will help potential buyers appreciate your property even more.

Purchasing Texas Land

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Property flippers often wonder: How soon can I sell my house after purchase? This question can get complicated. Homeowners not only worry about property laws but also about home value. When are they legally allowed to sell? And when is the best time to sell? We will answer both of these questions below.

How Soon Can I Sell My House After Purchase?

Here is the simple answer: you can sell your house right after purchasing. Of course, there is no legal requirement that you stay. While property laws are often complicated, this one fact is pretty simple. After all, it’s your purchase. You can decide what you do with it.

Is Now The Right Time?

Here is where things get a little trickier. Yes, you can sell your house immediately after purchase. However, most experts advise against this. Selling a house too quickly is not always a smart financial move. Plus, the process is often more stress than it is worth.

Reasons Many Homeowners Wait

If you wait to sell your house, then you will hopefully be able to build some equity and make more money on your initial purchase. Living in the home for at least two years will also allow you to exclude some of your profits from your taxes. Many buyers also like to take their time to study the housing market. This can help you make the best financial decisions in the long run.

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Buying property can be a big decision. Some people struggle with whether or not it’s the right decision for them. Learning the true cost of both land and also real estate can help you know what to expect when investing. So how much does land cost in Texas? What influences this price? Read on to get the answers.

How Much Does Land Cost in Texas?

The Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University reports that one acre of land in Texas cost an average of $2, 972 in 2019. However, there are a lot of factors that influence this price. The location of your land makes a big difference, as does the real estate market.

Average Home Price in Texas

According to Texas A&M, the median Texas home price in May 2019 was $240,500, which was a near-annual low. However, it’s important to remember that home prices are influenced by a lot of factors, just like land prices. Buyers can expect more shifts in 2020 and beyond due to COVID-19 and other factors.

What About Houston?

The same research from Texas A&M tells us that the median home price in Houston was $240,800 (in May 2019). This puts it right in line with the state-wide median price. As Houston residents know, the area is a great place to invest in property.

The Benefits of Fixing and Flipping

Houston has plenty of foreclosures and short-sales available for home flipping. Investors should be inspired by the median home prices, as quality properties can be found for a fraction of this price. Fix and flip these properties for a creative, lucrative investment opportunity!

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Is your new property completely yours? If you are dealing with encroachment, then the answer to that question might seem confusing. It can be even more confusing if your neighbors are unclear about their true property lines. Below are our top tips for buying a house with an encroachment. Read on to learn how you can have full control of your property.

What is Encroachment?

An encroachment is when a neighbor has built something that has extended onto your property. This is why it is so important to be sure of the property lines before you purchase real estate. You might have an encroachment without realizing it.

Different Types to Know About

There are a few different types of encroachments. Luckily, most people only have to deal with minor encroachments. These include things like trees, shrubs, fences, and more. Minor encroachments are usually easy to resolve. However, major encroachments are a different story. These include a home extension, garage, or another structure being built on your property that could affect your home value.

What Can I Do?

It is important to talk to the neighbor if you are considering buying a house with an encroachment. Often times, these issues can be easily resolved. Your neighbor might simply agree to take down the encroachment. You can also consider selling a small piece of land to your neighbor so they don’t have to rebuild. Finally, you can also settle encroachment matters in court. Ask your realtor for more advice, and talk to a lawyer if you wish to go this route.

Ready to Purchase a Property?

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