Are you planning on renovating your investment property? If so, then you might need a plot plan. However, some homeowners don’t realize they need this plan until they are ready to begin their build. This means they have to put their projects on hold. But what is a plot plan, and why is it so important? Below, we’ll explain the purpose of this document.

What is a Plot Plan?

So what is a plot plan? Well, it’s basically a detailed sketch of your plot of land and everything on it. This plan is created after a land survey. It includes the exact locations of all buildings, including sheds, swimming pools, or anything else that has been built on your property. It will also include details on your landscaping and your official property boundaries.

Who Needs a Plot Plan?

A plot plan is important if you want to build on your property. You will need it in order to get zoning approval or if you need a permit. They are also important if your property is in a remote area, as they show your exact property lines. Finally, a plot plan can be helpful to contractors or landscapers if you are planning new projects but need professional advice before moving forward.

Can I Draw The Plan Myself?

Lots of people draw their own plot plans. This is a great option if you need the plan created quickly. However, some people are more comfortable hiring a surveyor. This is especially true for people who have large plots with many different features. Whether you create the plan yourself or hire someone, it’s easy to get this document.

Where to Learn More About Investment Properties

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The recent coronavirus pandemic is causing a lot of uncertainty. For many of us, that uncertainty is related to the housing market. COVID-19 will certainly have an impact on the economy. However, it’s not all bad news- especially if you own rental properties. Learn more about what to expect in the coming months below.

What We Know- And What We Don’t Know

While it might feel like COVID-19 has been with us forever, the disease is still very new. When experts talk about the economy, they are comparing our situation to other financial crises in the past, such as the 2008 recession. Because the 2008 crisis had such a negative impact on the housing market, it is easy to feel discouraged about our current situation. However, the National Real Estate Investor reports that the majority of recessions do not impact the housing market. We don’t know what the future holds, so there is no need to panic at the moment.

Good News for Investors

Regardless of what happens with the economy, people will still need places to live. This simple fact is one of the reasons that real estate investments make sense, even during hard times. Renting out your investment property will provide security to another person in your community. It’s a financially smart decision that you can also feel good about.

Renovations During a Pandemic

It’s important to be realistic about the current situation. Lots of industries (like manufacturing and construction) are currently on hold. This means renovating your property might be challenging right now. However, you can avoid issues with a little planning. Call around to local contractors and see who can work with on your new property.

Ready to Invest in Real Estate?

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