Credit score is a financial representation of an individual’s transactions and credit history. It is important to gauge individual patterns relating to money handling and repayment. Here are some things that a credit score determines:

  • Credit or bill paying history
  • Total number of credit accounts
  • Outstanding debt
  • Type of loan

5 Ways To Improve Credit Score Before Applying For A Home Loan

Higher credit scores are favorable to secure conventional and jumbo mortgage loans. If you are filing an application for a mortgage in case of buying new property, maintaining a high credit score must be a top most priority. Here are five 5 important ways to improve credit ranking before applying for a home loan.

Credibility and Accuracy

Credibility and accuracy is crucial in maintaining a credit report. See for yourself if all information is correct and complete. Check if there is any default or unaccounted information. You can ask the credit referencing agency to make the required changes. This may take time but is extremely important to keep all information updated in case of any later disputes.

Right to Vote

Registering to vote can significantly increase your credit score. This is a good sign and creates an identity imprint. Appearing on the electoral list can increase your credit score by 50 points.

Credit History

In order for someone to build a credit history, apply for a credit card to show that you can manage debt. The better the repayment history, higher the chances of securing a loan. An unwavering credit history involves timely and full payments, longer credit history, and limited new credit accounts.

Avoid Overusing Credit

Living beyond means is never a good sign. Borrow a mindful amount which you can manage. Low usage of credit up to 50% is a positive indicator in the eye of a lender.

Joint Accounts

Financial activities of an account other than yours can also impact credit scores. It doesn’t mean cutting contact with business partners’. However, any financial connection which does not add value to you business account or credit history must be outlinked. Any outdated connections should be broken.

Mindful Credit Applications

Too many credit applications can make you seem desperate for a loan. Be mindful before applying for credit applications – whether it is a credit card, monthly installments or any such contract. Any such record of multiple credit filings can reduce credit scores.


In order to improve credit score, note that all financial information is accurate and credible, avoid misuse of credits, timely repayment, and registering as a voter.
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