Although there are lots of methods to make money in real estate speculation, few real estate investors have a better, less risky method of making money with almost no work than lenders for real estate investors.

Let’s say you buy and hold a lovely home on a piece of real estate property for $200,000. You then wait for the property value to go up and sell it five years later for $220,000. You made $20,000, right? Wrong, you might have lost monetary value considering just a 2.2% inflation rate. Inflation ate up $4,400 value per year, times five equals $22,000.

Lenders for Real Estate Investors Lend Short-Term

Lenders for real estate investors make money by charging interest on the money they lend on short-term loans, most notably to contractors or speculators that buy a depressed building and fix it up to resell. These lenders take a lien on the property and accept an interest-only payment monthly, waiting for the building to get renovated and sold before taking back their principal.

There are others that borrow money to fix up a house or apartment building they intend to hold long-term as a rental. Most often these speculators can’t get a mortgage from a traditional lender because of a shortcoming in the structure that needs to get repaired before a traditional banking institution will approve their loan.

Therefore, on that same $200,000 property, say they lend 70% of the after repair value, which is $179,200 so that the investor can buy the house and refurbish it. These lenders for real estate investors charge 12% interest and lend it for six months.

The contractor figures the renovation can get done in about six or seven weeks and then it will take some time to resell; so six months is perfect. The lender makes $1,792 each of the six months on the loan or $10,752. Of course, the real estate investor doesn’t mind because they know they can’t get the money from a traditional lender and they can likely write it off as a business expense.

Much better than the person who bought the house at $200,000 and held it for five years waiting for the property value to go up. Plus, it only took six months to get the principal back and make another loan.

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