Your house was spacious and cozy until the kids were young. Now they have grown, and the home feels messy despite trying so hard to clean it up. So, you have decided to change your house. Before you vacate your current residence, you must know how long it takes to build a 5-bedroom house, or maybe a bigger one. It is necessary to know the average time to build a house beforehand, as it helps keep up with the expenses.

Typical House Construction Schedule

According to a survey, the average time it takes to build a house is around 7.7 months. Let us give you a brief breakdown of a typical construction schedule;

  • Site Preparation: This includes planning, lotting stake lines, excavation, general cleaning of the site, temporary power, and the layout.
  • Foundation: This includes concrete pouring, basic plumbing, installing a slab, or a basement.

The house needs around four weeks if you want a strong foundation. After laying the foundation, it can take about sixteen weeks to complete the construction.

  • Framework: This includes framing the floor, walls, and installing a roof. If it is a double-story home, it is best to construct the whole framework at once.
  • Exterior Finishing: This includes all the furnishing you want in your exterior.
  • Basic Interior: This includes the installation of critical components. You have to hire plumbers, electricians, and other HVAC companies to get your house’s significant features done.
  • Insulation: Now that your house is systematically done, you need to install insulation and finish the drywall.
  • Interior Finishing: This includes finishing your walls, floor, etc. You can hire a painter and carpenter or do it yourself. Installing doors, cabinets, and another finishing is done.
  • Appliances: This includes installing fans, lights, and other decorative work. The countertops and other kitchen items are installed. If you have an outer area, you would want to work on it, too, simultaneously.

The aforementioned is an ideal case scenario. Your construction schedule can be affected by several factors.

  • The unexpected season/weather change: No matter how much you plan, sudden changes in weather are not easily escapable
  • Permits/inspections/approvals: All this paperwork and inspection craves your time! Be careful about doing these things on time, or your house will take ages to build
  • Labor/contractors workload: Hire laborers or contractors after having good communication with them. Discuss how you plan things to be done before they start working.
  • Availability of material: During construction, you might encounter a change of plans. Always try to control those plans alongside the availability of required goods in the market.
  • Size and difficulty of the project: This one’s obvious. Your time can increase/decrease according to the kind of infrastructure you’re interested in and the size of your house.

Due to such factors, your expenses might as well get affected. So, if you want to keep the average time of building your house intact, contact Red Door Funding at 832-539-1099.

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