When you purchase a property, it is important to know exactly where your property lines are. At first, this might not seem like a huge deal. After all, everyone knows their approximate land boundaries. However, this is really a time when the exact measurements matter. Locating property pins is an easy way to discover your property’s boundaries. Wondering how to locate property pins? Don’t Worry. We’ll teach you how below.

What are Property Pins?

Property pins are pieces of metal that a surveyor uses to mark a property line. These pins are placed when the land was initially plotted. This means that property pins might be easy or more difficult to find, depending on the history of your land.

How to Locate Property Pins

Property pins are long pieces of metal (usually about 30 inches long). They are driven into the ground at the edges of your property, marking the exact lines. The property pins will have a plastic cap on the top end. This plastic cap sits ground-level, so this is what you should be looking for. However, property pins can get driven beneath the soil over time. You can use a metal detector to find pins that are completely hidden underground. If you think you have found a pin, then you should dig down and confirm.

Other Ways to Determine Your Property Lines

Finding property pins can be time-consuming. You can make the process easier by looking at old land surveys or tracing fence lines. You can also simply ask your neighbors or contact the city for a plot map. Finally, a land surveyor can help you determine your exact property lines.

Need More Advice?

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