Many people wonder how they can increase their investment income. The majority of banks and credit unions pay minimal interest rates on savings or even certificates of deposit. Meanwhile, many other investment choices offer too much risk. There is a safe method to increase your income – by becoming a private money investor for real estate.

You can make an outstanding return on investment (ROI) providing real estate “fix-and-flippers” the private money they need to conduct business. Contractors, home designers, and real estate speculators need financing to purchase and renovate residential and commercial properties in the Houston area. Although no investment is foolproof, providing private money to real estate developers is low-risk, because the property is the collateral.

How to Become a Private Money Investor for Real Estate

Let’s say you make a private loan of $100,000 on a short-term note of 6 months to a contractor for a property that needs repairs. Their interest-only payment of about $667 will be due each month, and the principal will be due after 6 months. The loan might get extended if the repairs are complete and the lender (you) agrees. Although there are other fees involved, those may or may not concern you, as the private money investor for real estate purchases and renovations.

A private money investor for real estate can start investing merely by putting up the cash with the help of the professionals at Red Door Funding.

Red Door Funding – Opening the Door to the Funds You Need!

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