Ambulances can be literal lifesavers when you or a loved one needs urgent transportation to the hospital. However, they can be a bit costly and weigh heavy on your wallet. Luckily, Medicare helps you out a lot with healthcare bills. But does Medicare cover ambulance services? Yes, it does, and you can read about it in this blog.

Will Medicare Cover My Ambulance Services?

Yes, Medicare Part B covers both emergency and non-emergency ambulance services if you meet the eligibility requirements. Don’t forget, though, that you’ll have to make a 20 percent coinsurance payment along with your deductible. Moreover, Medicare will determine whether the event is an emergency or not. So your Part B claims might get denied. Therefore, you need to learn what emergency ambulance service Medicare might pay for.

When Medicare Covers Emergency Ambulance Services

There are only certain cases that will meet the eligibility criteria for emergency ambulance service by Medicare Part B. In addition, it is only after the trip that Medicare decides if your case was severe enough for an ambulance. For instance, easily walking to the ambulance might rule out your Medicare coverage since it will be considered non-serious. Not only this, but Medicare will only cover the emergency ambulance service to the nearest hospital, critical access hospital, or skilled nursing facility.

The following circumstances might be eligible for emergency ambulance coverage:

  • Traveling by any other vehicle can endanger your health.
  • You are bleeding heavily, unconscious, and require medical treatment during transportation

When Medicare Covers Non-Emergency Ambulance Services

For non-emergency situations, Medicare Part B will cover the ambulance services in some instances only. Firstly, it will require a written order from the doctor. Thus, patients who require ambulance transportation to a facility for their chemotherapy, dialysis treatment, etc., might be able to get a written order.

Not to forget, not just anyone can get the written order. Individuals who are confined to a wheelchair or their bed might be eligible for this order. Similarly, people who need medical treatment on the way to their doctor’s appointment might also be eligible. This includes medication administration and specialized monitoring, among others.

Does Medicare Advantage Cover Ambulance Services?

Medicare Part C, also termed Medicare Advantage Plans, covers some, if not all, ambulance transportation costs. The Medicare Advantage Plan can also cover the Part B deductible and some or all of your ambulance copay. However, the covered amount is subject to the state you live in and the plan you have.

Medicare Coverage for Air Ambulance

Medicare also pays for air ambulance services in extreme situations, given that ground transportation is unavailable for assistance. An airplane or helicopter ambulance service will be provided if:

  • The patient requires urgent medical care, and ground transportation is impossible due to the distance or traffic.
  • Medicare covers the aircrew
  • A doctor confirms that air transport is crucial.

Air ambulance can leave you with a hefty bill, especially if the ambulance is out-of-network. Furthermore, the claims can be denied too.


Medicare does cover emergency and non-emergency ambulance services in certain cases. To get a Medicare plan or for more information, dial (832) 539-1099 to consult us at Red Door Funding.