Medicare has changed the game for many people who are older than 65. This health insurance program makes it easy for older people to pay their medical bills. As beneficial as Medicare is, it does not cover every health condition. With age, many complications and issues come to the forefront. From vision to hearing to more severe problems, the health issues just keep popping up. Hearing difficulty and loss is a common problem that happens with age. So does Medicare cover hearing aids? Carry on reading to find out.

Does Medicare Pay for Hearing Aids?

No, Medicare does not cover hearing aids. But you can attain some additional benefits by enrolling in Medicare Advantage Plans or Medicare Part C. It offers some benefits that Original Medicare does not, like vision, dental, and hearing. You will need to contact the plan for further information.

Hence, people who suffer from hearing loss or some condition they require hearing care services for might have to pay the bills on their own.

Why Does Medicare Not Cover Hearing Aids?

The exclusion of hearing aids from Medicare goes way back to 1965. The program’s inception that year excluded hearing aids as they were considered “low in cost” by the government. Hence, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the act establishing both Medicare and Medicaid as government insurance programs.

The cost of hearing aids might have been low back then, given that Medicare does not cover them. But now, they can cost thousands of dollars. Around 77% of Americans who have functional hearing loss cannot afford them. Due to these, many Medicare beneficiaries in need of hearing aid do not actually have one.

Hearing Coverage Offered by Medicare Advantage Plan

Some private insurers approved by Medicare offer Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C). This plan offers extra benefits, and most of them provide some coverage for hearing aids, although the benefits vary.

Usually, Medicare Part C limits the coverage. The enrollees receive one set of hearing aids every year. However, more than a quarter of Medicare Advantage Plans only offer coverage for one pair every two years. Moreover, some plans cover one set of hearing aids every three years.

Does Medicare Cover Hearing Tests?

Medicare does cover exams in order to diagnose hearing problems. In addition, it might cover tests to make a diagnosis of balance disorders and ringing sounds in the ear. A doctor or healthcare provider might order the tests to know if treatment is necessary; only in that case will Medicare cover hearing tests.

Medicare does not cover routine hearing tests and hearing aids. Neither does it pay for the exam needed to fit hearing aids.

Generally, Medicare Part C covers one hearing test a year. Furthermore, they might also cover the exam for a fitting hearing aid.

The Takeaway

Original Medicare does not cover hearing aids. But Medicare Advantage Plan might pay for them, depending on the plan. In addition, hearing exams are only covered by Medicare if the doctor or a healthcare provider orders them.

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