Would you like to make more on your investment money than the puny interest rate they give you at banking institutions? Have more control over your investments than stocks, bonds, or even mutual funds? Private money investors for real estate can get bigger returns on their investments while helping their community grow and flourish.

Private Money Investors for Real Estate Are Needed in the Houston Area

Hundreds of thousands of Houston-area homes have been decimated by Hurricane Harvey, and those homeowners need your help. Certainly, insurance will cover many of the much-needed funds to rehab and rebuild, but that will not happen overnight. The people of Houston need money now, to get their lives back together and their homes put back together.

Many would look at this as opportunistic, but the truth is, banks and other lending institutions will not change their rules to help disadvantaged homeowners rebuild. Even though they know that in most cases, insurance money will be available in six weeks to two months, they will still look at the same metrics as before the storm, and if your credit is not stellar, you may not qualify even for a short-term loan at one of those lending institutions.

The big difference between banks and private money investors for real estate is that short-term money can be made available through investors who use the property to secure the loan, while lending through banks is relationship-based. Banks develop a relationship with their customers by offering diversified services, such as safe deposit boxes and debit cards. With investors, homeowners can get the money they need to start work right away and pay off the loan when the insurance money comes.

How it Works

If, for example, someone needs money to rehab or remodel a property, either because of nature’s destruction or as a “fix and flip” investment, private money investors for real estate can provide them with the needed cash, on a short-term basis, to make the renovation, which makes the property ultimately more valuable. Then the homeowner can flip the property for a profit, get a larger long-term loan based on the increased value, or make the home ready to rent or live in again without waiting for the insurance claim to be processed, or a banking institution to decide on their credit-worthiness.

When you invest your money in the stock market, either with individual companies or mutual funds, you are in for a roller-coaster ride of ups and downs. If a company goes bankrupt, the investor loses their money; there is no collateral, no means of recovering their investment. Private money investors for real estate investors in the community’s homeowners and renovation contractors, and they have the property as collateral in case the loan isn’t repaid.

How Much Can Private Money Investors for Real Estate Make?

How much an investor can make will depend on how much they invest. Remember, these are short-term loans with a turn-around time of fewer than six months, normally, although there are some extensions available. Private money investors for real estate can generally expect to make 7 to 14 percent on their money, but all that can be worked out with Red Door Funding.

Red Door Funding

Call the private loan experts at Red Door Funding, (832) 539-1099, to get the details about how you can invest in the Houston community while helping our neighbors rebuild.

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