Screening potential tenants is one of the most important things a landlord can do. If you are considering an investment property, then you should learn how to screen people properly. This is important not only for financial reasons but also for personal security. The right tenants will make your job as a landlord easy. Below, we’ll share some easy ways to start the screening process.

Get to Know Your Potential Client

The first thing you should give a prospective tenant is a rental application. You can download a standard application form on the internet, or you can create your own. The application is an easy way to complete the rest of your screening process. It also gives you an opportunity to look for red flags, like a lack of information. Furthermore, you can personally interview your potential tenants to get an overall sense of their trustworthiness.

Talking to References

Potential tenants will list references, as well as past landlords, on their application. Talk with every reference for the clearest picture of who your potential renter is. You can also confirm employment and rental history, which is crucial for choosing the right tenant.

Getting the Full Picture

Technology makes it easier to screen people than ever before. You will want to run both a credit check and a background check on your potential client. These can both easily be done online. Checking this data will allow you to see your potential renter’s credit score, credit history, and current debt. You can also see any previous criminal records or public records. This can include previous evictions and landlord/tenant court cases.

Learn More About Investment Properties

Now that you understand screening potential tenants, it’s time to learn more about rental properties and ways to acquire loans. If you are an investor and want to acquire loan in this regard call Red Door Funding on 832-539-1099 to find out necessary details.

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