Renovating a home’s bathrooms is a great way to boost property value. But what are buyers really looking for in a bathroom? With so many features available, choosing the right ones can be overwhelming. In this article, we will help you make the right choices for your bath remodel. The future homeowners will thank you!

A Damage-Free Space

Bathrooms are prone to water damage. While restoring damage might not be the most fun project, it is perhaps the most important thing to buyers. Have a trusted contractor look over your bathrooms to check for signs of water damage. Start here before moving onto more creative renovations.

Increased Storage Solutions

Good bathroom storage can be hard to come by. Plus, this is one of the most universally useful bathroom features. Who doesn’t want more storage? Adding shelves, closets, and cabinets to your home’s bathrooms will make the space more desirable.

Clean, Durable Finishes

Bathroom finishes don’t generally seem like a big issue. However, this small detail can make a big difference. Update faucets, handles, and other hardware to create a beautiful and functional space. This will also solve minor annoyances, such as creaky cabinet doors and dripping faucets. Buyers will love seeing high-quality hardware that is easy to clean.

A Cohesive Design

Lots of homeowners only update one part of their bathroom. This can lead to an awkward, uneven appearance. By updating the flooring, hardware, cabinetry, and other bathroom elements together, you will be creating a visually pleasing space. This could also be the “wow factor” that helps your buyer make their decision.

Ready For Your Next Renovation Project?

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