Purchasing a house is a hectic and daunting task and requires you to have a sound knowledge of what you are doing. Even if you have made many purchases in the past or are very confident about your current one, mistakes can happen. Mistakes can happen in two situations. First, you think you have a complete know-how of the property you are buying when in reality, you don’t. Secondly, the seller overplays you by neatly hiding the repairs and damages. A mistake can cost a lot of dollars in damages and drag you far away from your deadline. Below is a list of some problems people often experience after they have made the purchase of their house. Go through them carefully, so next time you purchase a property, you know what to look for.

Electrical Problems

Electrical problems are the most important to consider when buying a house. These are issues you may not notice unless you move in and start using the place. For example, voltage fluctuation can be one of the issues requiring an electrician. Flickering lights, tripping circuit breakers, and short circuits are other problems that can arise later on. To save your time and money, always consult an expert electrician before making a purchase.

Drainage Problems

If you notice that your toilet is not flushing properly or you hear dripping sounds when the neighborhood is quiet at night, you may have some faulty gutter or pipe leakages. To confirm, you can call a plumber or check the basement for any leakages. It’s important to call expert help to fix leaky pipes or choked gutter lines as they can cause damp crawlspaces, cracking, or weakened foundations. Weakened foundations can not only devalue your property, but a risk of collapse can develop over time. To inspect if the house you’re purchasing has been a victim of foundation movement, check if it has misaligned windows, unlevelled floors, or gaps at the top when you close the door. If it’s a yes to any of the issues, RUN AWAY!

Roof Problems

Often ignored, but the roof is often an integral part of the house that needs attention. Most common roof problems include broken or curled shingles or flashings, or a leaky roof. To check for damaged parts, you may have to go all the way up to ensure everything is okay. And if the roof has leakages, you may find some water stains on the ceilings. Though the roof repairs can be easily made, sometimes the roof is old enough and may need a total replacement.

Apart from the above house problems, there are many others that your eyes may not catch when making a purchase. Therefore, always consult home inspection experts before you invest your savings. If you need help with finding one, Red Door Funding can help. Give us a call at 832-539-1099.

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