It’s completely okay if you are short on budget and looking for a mobile home for renting instead of just buying a solid concrete one. You may be in a dilemma about whether you should buy the entire thing or just rent. Let’s have a look at some pointers, and then you can decide what you want to do.

Is Renting A Mobile Home Better?

Owning and renting a mobile home are not the same. Both have their perks and cons. One thing that can make your decision easy is to see the nature of your job. If it is demanding and make you relocate in short spans, leasing is the best choice.

However, in case of no such requirements for relocation, owning a home could work well for you. Here are some of the differences between buying vs. renting a mobile home:

It is About Equity

The amount you will give to your landlord either monthly, quarterly or yearly basis will manage to keep a roof over your head; however, it will not give you any equity in the longer run. While if you think about buying a mobile home, it later becomes an asset.

Even though you pay rent, there would be no change. But if you put the home in a manufactured home park, you will own the house itself.

Reselling this mobile home that you bought instead of renting might recoup a chunk of your money, and you never know, there may be profit too.

However, you may think that it is common for manufactured houses to lose their value with time, but if the asset is well maintained, you can avert this from happening.

Customization of Your Mobile Home (rent)

If you rent a mobile home, your landlord may not allow you to make any changes to their home. In fact, you may have to live with the finishes of the owner’s choice forcefully.

Custom changes of mobile home buyers vs renters are because they own the space. Some parks may set a limit to your outdoor décor and design choices, but the sky is the limit when it comes to the inside. Do what you please.

Ongoing Maintenance Costs

You have three methods to rent a mobile home for a comfortable living. In these days, the most popular option that people choose is either to rent a home and the whole lot in a manufactured home park – directly. Or you can also rent a home owned by someone else in a mobile park.

Thoroughly check your leasing agreement when you plan to lease a manufactured home park. It is important that you have all the information regarding the owner and maintenance panel of the lot. In some cases, homeowners agree to handle every kind of maintenance; they may or may not let you share the costs of it.


Now you have enough information to make your decision. What do you think is better, to rent a mobile home or own one? Well, if you still have more queries, experts from Reddoor Funding are here for help.

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